Heirlooms & Gretchen’s
Stained Glass

Stained Glass makes one of the shop’s two major retail offerings.   

Pieces completed by shop personnel are available in the store, and custom work can be completed upon request.  See pictures for examples of custom work we have completed to date.

We also do repairs of both leaded and copper foiled stained glass pieces.  See pictures that illustrate these .

Heirlooms & Gretchen’s
Stained Glass Classes

Stained glass classes are held year round.  Every Thursday and Saturday from 10 AM to 12 noon, stained glass classes are held.  Six new students begin classes approximately every eight weeks.  The remaining classes are kept for individuals who have had prior classes and would like to continue to work on stained glass projects.  

New stained glass students reserve spots by contacting us and selecting a spot in either the Thursday or Saturday class. They will select one out of several student patterns we have chosen.  The piece will take approximately 6 to 8 sessions to finish.  The cost is $10 per class, and approximately $200 to $250 per supplies and glass.  Require $40 of this to be paid up front to reserve a space.  See pictures of students with their first pieces.